Skins And Custom Skins

Skins icon

Skins are pictures that will cover your cell.To get skin you must go in shop and click on Skins icon.When you click on the icon you will have 5 types of skins and that are: FREE skins, LEVEL skins, BUY skins, GOLD skins which are only available to Gold Members and CUSTOM skins.


Free skins are skins that every Agma player can wear.For now there are total 32 FREE skins.The skins are: AgmaIo, Asaurus, Burger, Butch, Earth,, Neptune, no life, Snowman, Wrath, Wurvelph, AGF 2 years, King Kong, Lucifer, Edible, EqAtOmBe, Pupz, amari, SL Clan, Solo, Splash, Voakie, Wolf, ArryseYT, Complex Goals, Guardian, G Army, MoonWolf, Green Dragon, Hazed, Wavaca and UraNus LXIX.


Among 32 skins there are 2 skins that player must gain and that skins are AgmaIo which player gain by liking facebook page , and second skin is Asaururs which player gain by subscribing to's official YouTube Channel.


Kitty skin

Level skins are skins that player is gaining by the higher level he is. There are total of 16 LEVEL skins, and that are: Fishy (LVL 10), Panda (LVL 20), Kitty (LVL 30), Jeep (LVL 40), Bear (LVL 50), Genie Hand (LVL 50), Spinner (LVL 50), Angry Cat (LVL 60), Apple (LVL 60), Level 70 (LVL 70), Ice Cream (LVL 80), Banana (LVL 90), BULL (LVL 90), Lucifer (LVL 100) and 2 Illuminati Owl which can also be gained at LVL 100.

There are levels where player can gain more than one skin.That levels are LVL 50 where player gain 3 skins,LVL 60 where player gain 2 skins, LVL 90 where player also gain 2 skins and LVL 100 where player gain 3 skins.


Buy skins are skins tham must be bought with coins. Currently the most expensive skin is Wonder Woman which is worth of 150,000 coins and the most cheapest skin is Spider which is worth 8,500 coins. For now there are 27 skins that must be bought.

Spider - (8,500)

Insect - (15,000)

Toxic Skull - (25,000)

Wonder Woman

Leaf - (45,000)

run's Slime - (50,000)

Wonder Woman - (150,000)

Hulk - (90,000)

Mario - (90,000)

Sour Apple - (90,000)

Hungry Pizza - (95,000)

Stare @ Me - (75,000)

Normal Owl x2 - (80,000)

Hungry Pizza

Panda - (80,000)

Mr.Jack@G - (20,000)

Angry Sad - (85,000)

Revenge Sweetness (90,000)

Panda Claw - (99,000)

Hibernating Beauty - (100,000)

Ill eat U - (20,000)

Ho-Oh - (85,000)

Fire Eagle

Fire Eagle - (120,000)

U Sure?-Troll - (20,000)

Hardboiler- (35,000)

Eagle Face - (120,000)

Pirate Man - (99,000)

Pirate Lady - (99,000)


Gold skins are skins that are only available to Gold Members for free.

Dragons eye

These are the current skins available right now.

  • Dragon's Eye
  • Golden Skull
  • Kitty
  • Gold Badge
  • Revenant Orc
  • Royal Lion
  • Royal Owl
  • Futuristic Fox
  • Gorilla
    Eating mouth
  • Pokeball
  • Eating Mouth
  • Futuristic Fox
  • Gold Coin
  • Gold Crown
  • Gold Face
  • Goldbar Pyramid
  • Fire
  • Bear King
  • Gold Eye
  • Skull Crown


Custom skins are skins that players can upload.For custom skin to be uploaded player first must pay 500,000 for custom skin slot,and then he can upload his own skin.

How it works:

1.Buy one or more Custom Skin slots

2.Upload an image of your choice and enter skinname

3.Choose either to share your skin public for everyone to use,or keep it for private use only

4.Press Save button when you are ready

5.Saved skin must be approved by stuff before use(can take a few days)

6.Play with your skin after approval*

Image requirements

- PNG files only(JPG-files are also allowed butnot recommended)

- Maximum file size: 1MB (max size for JPGis 0,5 MG)

- Recommended dimensions: 512x512 pixels(min=128x128,max=1024x1024)

- No copyright images and no abusive or inappropriate content

*Your custom skin will never expire.Once approved,yor skin cannot be changed for a period of 30 days.After 30 days you will have the option to change your skin again.Pleas note that changed skin must be approved again before use.


By FilipCro125