We all have that feeling:

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It eats away inside of you. The gold membership you bought is finally dying away. Well, there is a way to renew the gold FOR FREE! No, it’s not hacking, and yes, it will take a bit of work, but after all, you don't have to use hard earned money to have the benefits of gold and more.

First, go to Become a Gold Member below the spectate button. After the page loads, click the Rewards button on the top right. There will be five tasks, and each of these will give players Gold membership, coins, and even real money. I will review each of these tasks, and give some personal advice on what to do and what not to do.

Task 1 – Create a Professional YouTube Video for Agma’s Channel

  • REW


250k – 1mil coins

Up to 1 month Gold Membership


If you love editing videos, this task is for you! You have to meet the requirements, which will be listed down below.

- Edit the video: Make it interesting, not just your average boring video of growing big. A good strategy for professional videos is to record your gameplay, take out the best/funniest parts of the video, use effects and beat drops, and sync the heck out of the clips.

- Do NOT upload the video to your personal channel. After editing and rendering, hand the video over to by uploading it to Google Drive or Mediafire, and submitting the link to them.

TIP: Include a Thumbnail! This will make your video look more professional, and increases the chance to get bigger rewards.

Task 2 – Big YouTubers, Big Rewards


€100 to €500 Real Money

Are you friends with/are a big YouTuber, or able to contact one? If so, talk to them as soon as possible, and you might be able to get REAL MONEY, from €100 to €500 for a single video! If you are up to the task, read the requirements down below.

- The YouTuber must have up to 10,000 subscribers to be considered a Big YouTuber.

- If not a YouTuber yourself, you can try contacting other YouTubers to make a video about with over 10,000 subscribers, and will still be paid 40% commission.

- YouTuber must have to contact via Discord, Facebook, or forums. Once the deal has been settled, rewards will be paid. 

Task 3 – Come up with new


50k – 2mil coins

Up to 1 month Gold Membership

Graphic Designer? Imaginative? In order to complete this task, you must come up with a new idea for

- It can be anything, ranging from gamemodes, to graphic design.

- It should be original, so don’t steal ideas!

TIP: Try coming up with a simple animation/design of your idea. This increases your chance to get maximum rewards.

Task 4 – Write an Article for Wiki


100k – 5 mil coins

Up to 1 month Gold Membership


Got any writing skill? Well, this task would be one of the easiest to do. Just register for the fandom page, write the article, and submit your document! The more articles you write, the more rewards you receive, so start writing!

- Should be interesting content, not too short.

- Whether it may be tips, aspects of the game, and more, make sure the article is precise and goes right to the point. No need for a story.

- Must be quality, the better, the more rewards.

Task 5 – Create/Design a Banner/Header


250k – 2mil coins

Up to 1 month Gold Membership

Graphic Designers, here’s the job for you! Try to make a better banner than the ones listed below, and make sure the advertisement says as much as possible.

Examples of banners: Bots Advert Banner Coins advert Bots Advert Coins Items Pack Advert (Need new) Gold Memb. Agma Game Advert

- If you can create a new banner for which looks good or better than these, you will be rewarded. The better design you make, the more coins you get!

After finishing one of these choose the Submit your work button below each task. If your task is accepted, the rewards normally take around 2-3 days to arrive at your account. If taking longer than expected, contact one of the staff, im sure they would be more than happy to help!
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