FANDOM is a fun game. It is similar to but better. Their are power ups, cool skins and you can even create one and their is also hats, faces like cool eyes, 8 modes. I would prefer giant because its the best in my opinion and theirs a Europe mode and North America. Europe has crazy and North america doesn't. Their is also a gold membership that has access to hats and rewards and cool skins, gold name, crown at first sentence of your name in chat. Their are also bots and you can buy them or earn them. Including that, you can get referrals. You can get as big as you want. The highest I have ever seen was 3 million. Wow! Thats alot! A good reason to play is because its a great game and its fun including parties and things and its really a good game and everyone should play it for a couple of reasons. It is fun. It will get you better at io games. If you play till level 200, you are more likely to eat a whole server in in one attempt

- sincerely oxJakexo