=== In you can join a clan whose name will be add on your cell. Be in a clan don't change nothing in game.===

There are a lot of different clans in agma all of them with highly skilled leaders and members. All of them have different policies Like The clan[α―πˆΖ—Δ]. To get into [α―πˆΖ—Δ] Clan you have to go through 2 Sages of trials 1. they test your ability to solo a game, also about 1 v 1, and how fast you can get into 1st place in the leaderboard if you successfully complete these task you will be given the second stage of the test! Its about POPSPLITING! SPLITRUNNING! TRICKSPLITTING! And all the other important parts of All the like games! Most are even all clans communicate in discord! Discrd is a website and an app to communicate with other players! This is used for alot of players. There is a discord chat where EVERYONE can be in it! I will also list

β˜€ the top three clans down below !

The best way to find a clan is to go on the discord where a channel has been create for players recruitements and where they can post the link of their servers.

Dsicord link :


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